In 2012, we established a partnership with Hinton Elementary School in Englewood, a neighborhood in Chicago to develop a social justice curriculum for their students. We also helped them go through the process of changing their name to the Hinton School of Social Justice. Our curriculum was instrumental in the progress of their school  

"Research has not only shown the positive effects of teaching about social justice, but also the positive effects youth gain from being involved with social justice." You can read more about this by clicking here to read our research

Since social justice education is so important, we want to make our social justice curriculum more available to teachers and schools. Besides Hinton, we have provided our curriculum to over 50 teachers in the Chicago area. 

The curriculum is in a PDF format that allows you to click the links directly. We do not print it out for you. If you are interested in it, we hope you will donate toward the cost of making it. We suggest a $10 donation, however we will provide it to you without a donation as well. Please contact us if you are interested.

Our social justice curriculum guidebook provides information on social justice events and people for each month. There are links to lesson plans and information as well. There is also a section with information and lesson plans for teaching laws concerning human and civil rights. It is a wealth of information all in one place. It is very easy to use and most lesson plans can be adapted for all grade levels. 


You can see snippets of our curriculum guidebook in the pictures. We will be writing an update to the guidebook this year as well. We are planning to create a parents' guidebook as well. 




Social Justice Education

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