The following are some of the topics of workshops we teach. All our workshops are customized for the organizations we are providing them to or for the particular audience. We will soon be offering all of our workshops in an online format as well. More information to come!

Diversity and/or Racism

We are all aware of our differences as people, which should be appreciated, not discriminated against. Educating people about diversity focuses on that, but also on the opposite, educating people about our similarities and how people are not that different fundamentally. Also, through teaching people how to talk about diversity openly, we can eradicate inequalities that are rooted in ignorance and fear. Our workshops on these topics are very conversation based, meaning the participants engage in a dialogue rather than just listening to a lecture. 


Many people in our country are aware that poverty exists but are unaware that it exists in such a large portion of our population (statistics differ but it is anywhere between 12 and 20 percent, even spiking as high as thirty percent in some areas). Many people think poverty is something that is a problem in other countries but not our own. This is a misconception. By educating people about poverty (the extent of it and the causes), we can encourage more people to join the fight against it.


The leadership workshops are developed for the organization or audience. They cover things like communication, dealing with people, time management, and more. Our goal with leadership is to teach people how to be more people-oriented so they can run better organizations, help their communities, etc. We also want as many people as possible to lead the fight against poverty and ultimately for equality. To do this, having solid leadership in place will be imperative.


Communication is a fundamental part of growth in society. However, a lot of times it is not done effectively, or at all. We want to help people communicate better, whether it be about diversity issues, or talking to employers or other members of their communities.

Business Management

These workshops teach participants how to be leaders of people instead of just task managers. We talk about different management styles, how to cut costs without just cutting people, the benefits of focusing on employees and customers, etc. This is all in an effort to not only help businesses and organizations improve, but to help them become an active part of their communities. 

Employee Recruitment and Retention

These workshops are to help employers to keep the employees they have so no one else experiences poverty. These workshops are designed to teach businesses ways to retain their employees and ways to cut costs without having to cut people. We also talk about alternative ways to recruit employees.

Financial Planning/Counseling

The next step after employment is learning how to manage money. This helps prevent more people from going into poverty and prevents new workers from ending up back in poverty. We are working with several organizations that can help people learn how to budget, save, etcetera. 

Civic Engagement and Empowerment

These workshops are designed to help people find their voice. We teach people how they can get involved in their communities and government. We also teach them how to follow through on their ideas. Everyone has the power to succeed and make a difference, it is just a matter of giving people the right tools.